Year of Manufacture: 1999
Total Time Airframe : 1436 Hours
Total Airframe Cycles: 2190 Cycles
Engine Total Time:: 1436 Hours (TBO Modular) ( Rolls Royce Allison 250-C20J)
MPI: Due April 2020

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Installed Avionics & Equipment:
  • HAS Corp 5 Place ICOM System With PMA 7000S Audio Control Panel
  • 2x Garmin GNS 430 NAV/COMM/GPS With GA 56 Antenna’s
  • Bendix King KI-206 Glide Slope Indicator
  • Bendix King KT-76C Transponder With KA-60 Antenna
  • Bendix King KCS-55A Compass System With KI-525A HIS And Applicable Equipment
  • AIM 205-1BL Directional Gyro Indicator
  • AIM-King Corp AK-350 Altitude Encoder
  • Troll Avionics FN200-28 Avionics Cooling Fan
Additional STC’s Fitted:
  • STC SH1392SO High Skid Landing Gear
  • STC SH1990SW Crew Door Opening Kit
  • STC SH1990SW Pax Door Opening Kit
  • STC SH1990SW Baggage Door Opening Kit
  • STC SH1282SO Pre-Flight Step Handle Kit, 2 Step Kit
  • STC SH2243SO Folding Maintenance Step Kit Including Baggage Door Retention Strap
  • STC SH1312SO Night-Scanner Belly Mounted Searchlight “Super Night Scanner”
  • STC SH2616SO Lower Console Assembly
  • STC SH3289SO Front And Rear Cabin Floor Protector Kit
  • STC SH227WE Baggage Compartment Extension ‘Space-Maker’ Kit
  • STC SE5511NM Compressor Discharge Pressure PC Safety Valve Kit
  • STC SH200GL Face Filter Engine Lubrication System Scavenge Filter Kit
  • STC SA615EA and STC SA800EA Whelen Engineering Wingtip Strobe (Position) Light System And Top Mount Strobe System
  • STC SH297NM Teledyne Battery Products Gill G-641 Lead Acid Battery Kit
Components Fitted:
  • Wedge Type Windows On Aft Door
  • Bubble Type Front Windows
  • Composite Battery Bay Door
  • Composite Baggage Bay Door
  • Rain Gutters
  • Particle Separator Type Engine Inlet Filters
  • Compressor Wash Kit With Bleed Shutoffs
  • Droop Stops On Main Rotor Head
  • Generator Out Light Option On Warning Panel
  • Dual Anti-Collision Lights
  • Dual Controls Included, Easy Fit And Remove
Colour Scheme:
  • Exterior: Overall Black With Gold Striping
  • Interior: Grey Leather
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Specification subject to verification upon inspection and/or prior sale by seller.