Year of Manufacture: 2014
Airframe Total Time: 950 Hours
L/H & R/H Total Time: 950 Hours (Rotax 914 UL)
Propellers Total Time: 657 Hours (Air master Constant Speed)
MPI: Due June 2020

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Installed Avionics & Equipment
  • PS Engineering PM1000 II Intercom / Audio Panel (4-Place) With Music Input
  • Dual MGL Challenger Touch Screen EFIS
  • Garmin GNC-255A Nav/Com Radio
  • Garrecht VT-0102-07 Mode S Transponder Input And Display on EFIS
  • MGL 2 Axis Auto Pilot Bank/Pitch with MGL Servos
  • Autopilot includes: Heading, VS with Alt Pre-select
  • Nav With GPS
  • GVOR
  • GSL
  • IAS Hold And Approach Modes
  • Sigmatek 50008-36 Vacuum Artificial Horizon
  • Venturi Vacuum Pump Mounted Under Fuselage
  • BK 3A Analogue Airspeed Indicator
  • BG-3E Analogue Altimeter
  • CM24 Analogue Pedestal Compass
Additional Information:
  • Alternator Denso 12P24
  • Magnum 901 Ballistic Parachute System
  • Dual Controls Both Sides (PTT, Trim Up/Down, Auto Pilot On/Off On Stick)
  • Central Brake Lever And Park Brake
  • Flap Controller On EFIS And Rotating Knob
  • Aveo LED Nav/Strobe lights Red/Green/White Strobe On Wingtips
  • 2X Aveo LED Landing Lights
  • 2X Aveo LED Taxi Lights
  • LED White Tail And Strobe Beacon Light
  • Aveo Eyebeam Touch Dual Red Interior Lights
  • Dual Radar PAX Touch White Lights
  • ATF For VFR by Day/Night


  • carries 168liters/44 US Gal of Unleaded 95 Oct/Avgas that takes you 8.4hrs at 120kts TAS

burning 18 lit/hr.    Above 12’000ft the cruise speed goes to 135kts TAS at the same fuel burn. She has a 434kg/957lb            useful load and carries 320kg/704lb of Pax and Luggage with full fuel and gets airborne in 400m max at 5500′ ASL at            MTOW of 920kg. A very good all-rounder.

Colour Scheme:
  • Exterior: Overall White And Dark Blue With Grey Striping
  • Interior: Black And Grey Leather
Price:   Call For Price & Viewing

Specification subject to verification upon inspection and/or prior sale by seller.