Year of Manufacture: 1980
Total Time Airframe: 8593 hours

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Installed Avionics & Equipment
  • Dual Pitot system with full panel on pilot + co-pilot sides installed
    Garmin Audio panel
    S-Tec Autopilot Model 55 with Electric Trim, GPSS system, Yaw Damper (With Electric Fine Trim Capabilities) and interfaced with Garmin 530 GPS and S-TEC Flight director + remote A/P Display (Pilot side)
    1 x Garmin 530 GPS
    1 x Garmin 430 GPS
    1 x GEM 1200 Engine Monitor with memory download capabilities
    1 x Insight 1000 AirData Computer (Interfaced with Garmin 430 GPS and also with Wind Vector Display (wind vector not serviceable) and Fuel Management Display)
    1 x Quartz Clock
    1 x King Radar Altimeter
    1 x WX 1000 Stormscope interfaced with both Garmin GPS displays
    1 x WX Radar (Black + White)
    2 x Remote Compass Systems (One for each crew position)
    2 x King KR87 ADF’s and Dual Needle display
    1 x Shadin Fuel Flow Computer
    1 x NDS HSI (Co-pilot side with remote slaved indicator on Pilot side)
    2 x Garmin Transponder’s with Independent Baro sensors encoding.
    1 x S-TEC Flight Director (Pilot side)
  • 1 x Radio / CD entertainment unit
    1 x 7 place intercom system (Stereo) with aircraft fitted with power points for Sennheizer Noise Cancelling headsets
    1 x S-TEC GPSS system with HDG / GPSS select switch for A/P
    1 x Auto Electric Trim for Vertical Speed Selection on A/P and trim
    Garmin Radio Stack Cooling Fan System installed
Additional Information:
  • 2 x Rosen Sun Visors fitted
    2 x Unison Slickstart units fitted
    Upgraded exhaust system with extended exhaust outlets fitted to both engines
    Heater fully serviceable with all mods up to date
    Oxygen system decommissioned
    Brake system recently overhauled and new caliper fitted on right u/c
    1 x Hi – Volume Air Blower fitted at back of cabin for additional cabin cooling airflow
Colour Scheme:
  • Exterior:           White with Gold & Blue Striping                               –   8/10

  • Interior:             Beige Leather                                                          –   8/10

Price:         P.O.A        Excluding VAT

Specification subject to verification upon inspection and/or prior sale by seller.